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"Creating Wealth For The Average Guy"

  By Rocky Castleberry  

Creating Wealth For The Average Guy

Category: Finance
ISBN: 0-043629-60-8


Paperback 96 pages $9.95 + $3.95 S&H

Audio-book Only  $12.95 + 3.95 S&H

Paperback & Audio Book ($8.00 Discount)
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 Creating Wealth Audio Book


Get the audio version of this book. It is a 2 CD set and is a recording of the author reading the book.

$12.95 + 3.95 S&H 




In this book, Rocky Castleberry takes you on a path to help you find your plan to take your average guy income and turn yourself into a millionaire. Most people grow up thinking that you have to have money to make money. This book shows you step by step how you can turn that "Old Wives Tale" on it's ear.

Creating Wealth For The Average Guy reveals many of the secrets that today's millionaires have used to obtain their wealth. It isn't a matter of whether or not you can afford the time or resources to read this book, it is the simple fact that you cannot afford to miss the opportunities that this book can reveal.

This book is not only the author's financial life story, it is your financial story as well. This book will make your life financially better.



Five Stars!!! "Creating Wealth For The Average Guy" is a great book for people who want to understand the basics of personal finance and growing wealth.

Peter Hupalo
Author of "Thinking Like An Entrepreneur & CEO HCM Publishing

I've read a healthy number of personal finance books, including those by big names, and impressively I still came away with tips that I intend to practice. My copy has more than a few dog-eared pages, with each marked page a portion to complete my financial life.

Tiffany Jonas
Publisher, Aio Publishing Co., LLC

I, as do all publishing companies, pass on at least 299 out of 300 manuscripts that cross our desks. Until I see a "good" book, where the author is telling a story to entertain or help "the masses," I pass on it. This book, "Creating Wealth for the Average Guy" is a truly terrific book.

This book is your life story and will show you how you can make your life financially better.

Pete Billac
CEO Swan Publishing



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Notes From
The Publisher

We are excited to get the opportunity to add Rocky Castleberry to our team of authors.  His first book was a raging success making finacial matters entertaining but more important shows how true wealth can be attained by the average guy. 

Rocky has just completed three new books about raising exotic animals that would make good reading even for those who don't currently have or think they don't want an exotic pet. Very entertaining as well as informative.

Welcome Rocky.

Read Rocky's Bio


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